Alexi Saldamando, LCSW-R

Group Therapy

Coping with Anxiety and Fear
8 weeks, Tuesdays 6-7pm
Start date TBA

In this 8-week group, participants will learn skills drawn from a variety of approaches, including CBT, DBT, and mindfulness, to better cope with fear and anxiety.


You will learn:

  • How anxiety and fear function as emotions that at times are helpful, and at times are not
  • How to know when you are experiencing them
  • Practical strategies for how to cope with them in the moment when they arise
  • Longer-term techniques for reducing vulnerability to them


If you are interested in joining the group or want to learn more about it, please contact me. We can then set up a phone consultation to discuss your goals and interest in the group.

Groups are $60 per session. I currently am a provider for Aetna insurance; however other plans may have out-of-network coverage, reimbursing you a portion of the cost. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, we can discuss setting a lower fee.